Gotta Shift That Weight

Hi, I'm overweight. I'm also kinda buff, like I can lift about seventy pounds easily though I have to be careful of my knees because, duh, I'm overweight. I come in well over 200 pounds and I'm only 5,5. Don't think it escapes my notice that if I was taller I'd be considered much less … Continue reading Gotta Shift That Weight

Ford includes Self Destruct Mechanism

I've been busy. In lighter news Ford F150 trucks, which blight the roads in droves where I live, (Ever have to get past one in a parking lot or see past one to turn?) apparently have a feature where the seat belts/mechanism will tighten through use of a mild explosion during the course of an … Continue reading Ford includes Self Destruct Mechanism

Disney’s Descendants, Oh, the Problems

An internet reviewer recommended Descendants, I can't remember which reviewer but I do know that I trust their opinion, most of the time. I eagerly rented it from Amazon and sat down to watch what I hoped would be a movie to make my heart soar and give me all the feels I could desire. … Continue reading Disney’s Descendants, Oh, the Problems

Day Whatever The Mad Rush to Look Good

Well, I restarted Piit 28 Round 1 again and I can do more than when I started before, that's for sure. I decided I had to begin again because exercise helps with anxiety and less anxiety means less want to eat foods bad for me and do stupid things. Also, school starts in less than … Continue reading Day Whatever The Mad Rush to Look Good

Day 46 New Job? also (FB D 3)

So long old new job, I don't miss you at all. Apparently I can't deal with call center work any more. My right ear still throbs from the static, the tinny answering machines and the yelling. What was I thinking? Oh, I remember, I was thinking that I'm broke. It'll probably turn out fine, the … Continue reading Day 46 New Job? also (FB D 3)